Terms & Conditions

Confidentiality and Privacy

I operate a professional and confidential service. I will never divulge any client information, personal or professional, to third parties.

I will ask to refer to our sessions (with no identifiable information) when discussing my services with a third party (e.g. “a client in Cornwall that needed help with a cluttered bedroom and wardrobe”). It is helpful to be able to give examples to other clients of how particular situations can be addressed.

I will also request to take ‘Before and After’ photos of your home or office. I may also request a testimonial but these photos and testimonials will only be published on my website and social media accounts with your explicit written consent.

I am registered with the Information Commissioner and adhere to data protection regulations to protect your personal information.

Our Privacy Policy which affects the information you supply is available online.

Handling Goods and Insurance

I will always handle your possessions with great care, however accidents may happen and I will not be liable for losses or damages of any kind during or related to our session. I expect all clients to carry insurance to adequately cover any loss or damage caused by me.

If you have any high value items, you might wish to move them before we start work.

I hold Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance of £1million.

Removal/Disposal of goods

I will only remove or dispose of your items with your full permission. You will be responsible for the final decision.

You accept responsibility for any/all items disposed of or removed during the decluttering process.

I endeavour to work in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way and will always suggest that suitable items are recycled or re-used wherever possible. I am happy to take one carload of donations to a local charity shop on the day of our session.

You are responsible for disposing of all refuse and recyclable items. I don’t have a licence to dispose of these items and can’t remove them from your premises.

If you wish to sell any items, I am happy to suggest ways in which to do this, but will not do it for you.

Ownership and Consent

I will not handle or remove any items that are not owned by you. I will need explicit permission from the owners of other items before handling their possessions.

Working practices

I will do as much as I can to help you achieve your goals, including light cleaning (e.g. hoovering, dusting) and moving light furniture around. However, if larger items need to be moved (e.g. wardrobe, large sofa) please ensure there is someone available to help.

It is important to have uninterrupted time to work together during sessions, so I ask that you let people know in advance that you are busy and won’t answer your phone or the door (except in emergencies). If you look after young children or others it is advisable to arrange for somebody else to look after them in order to allow you to fully concentrate on what we are doing.

Breaks and Refreshments

You may need to take short breaks during our sessions. Decluttering can be physically and emotionally demanding and it is important to take a break during our session to ensure it doesn’t become overwhelming.


All my advice is given in good faith and with the intention to help you achieve your goals. It is your choice whether to accept my advice or not, and as such I am not liable for your subsequent decisions or any consequences of your decisions.

I will endeavour to identify items with significant value, however, I am not a Valuer and I have no professional expertise in this field.

Locations and Access

Depending on location I may have to charge a travelling fee. This will be discussed at the point of booking. I will confirm charges prior to starting the job.

If you engage me to work at a particular location and access is restricted, I reserve the right to charge for the lost time.


To secure my services a deposit of 20% of the estimated cost of the session is required.

If I do not receive the deposit within 7 days of the session date I may withdraw from our agreement.


I charge by the hour and you will be charged for hours worked.

After our initial consultation I will estimate how long the sessions may take and then we can agree the number of hours. Decluttering can sometimes be slow work and therefore, it is difficult to anticipate exactly how the session will evolve. If it looks like it is going to overrun the estimated time, we can decide whether to go on and finish the job or book a further session on another day. If we complete the work in less time than estimated you will only be charged for the length of the actual session.

Payment must be made in full on the day. You can pay by cash, BACS or via Paypal.

Invoices/receipts will be emailed to you at the end of the session or on payment.

Travel Charges

Dependent on your location, I may charge a travel fee; we will discuss travel costs at time of booking.


If you need to cancel or reschedule your session please give me at least 24 hours notice. I will also try to give you at least 24 hours notice if I need to cancel a booking.

If a session is cancelled with more than 24 hours notice I will refund your deposit or take it forward to book another session. If you cancel a session with less than 24 hours notice I will be unable to refund your deposit.