Decluttering and Organising

Are you struggling to find a way through your clutter?

Is everyday a struggle to find things? Would you like some help organising a particular room? Are you putting your house on the market, or does your office need a revamp?

Happy Decluttering will show you how to declutter and organise your belongings and help you to create the clear and spacious home that you have always wanted.


Are you having difficulty selling your home? Are you getting viewings but not turning them into offers? Do you think that your ‘stuff’ is putting people off? Or are you worried about packing everything up ready for moving day?

Moving home can be a stressful time but it is also a great opportunity to look at your possessions. Using a professional decluttering service will help you increase its appeal and also help you decide what belongings you want and need to take to your new home.

Happy Decluttering can help with pre-sale makeovers, decluttering, organising, packing and assisting on moving day, as well as unpacking at the other end.

Are you trying to Organise help for elderly or infirm relatives who are downsizing or moving into sheltered accommodation? It can be difficult if you are too far away – Happy Decluttering offers sensitive support and reassurance during the moving process.

Office and Workspaces

When your office and desk are clear and uncluttered you are able to work more efficiently. Ideas flow, creativity happens and everything is easily to hand. Happy Decluttering can advise on how to create an inviting, positive and organised office or workspace.

Other Projects

Happy Decluttering can help you with a variety of other projects too….

Perhaps you are dealing with bereavement and need help and support sorting through sentimental items.

Is your holiday home looking a bit tired or shabby? Let’s take a look at it and see how we can put a bit of sparkle back into it.

Has your hobby got out of control? Maybe it’s time for a tidy up and to organise your stuff, leaving you more space to enjoy your sewing, train set, didgeridoo collection or shed.

Is your Artist Studio overrun with an ‘Art Mountain’? Happy Decluttering has experience of finding a way through the excesses of creative spaces!

Maybe you need a hand with ordering your wardrobe.

Get in touch and let me know what your particular sticking point is, we look forward to new challenges…