Hi I'm Jules

I can bring order, space and flow to your life

I am a Professional Declutterer and Organiser living in Cornwall and I can help you gain control of your Possessions.

I am passionate about helping and empowering you to find a way through your clutter and disorder, to create a calm, positive space in your home or business environment.


I have many years of experience in helping people to regain control and re-organise all areas of their homes. I have helped to sort through overstuffed wardrobes, kitchens and bathrooms, overflowing with bits and pieces, and also cleared space and brought order to crammed offices, workshops, artist’s studios amongst other places.

I will never force you to part with things that you don’t want to; there are ways to deal with all sorts of obstacles, so don’t worry. You will soon be in the flow of sorting through your home or business and the time will fly! Clients have often described the process as being much easier than they had thought, that their fears about taking the plunge were unnecessary and even that it was fun!

Many people have said that it is just like having your best friend helping them. I am enthusiastic, kind and non-judgemental, my aim is to make it a positive experience.

I bring a fresh pair of eyes to help you with decluttering and organising your space. The size of the job doesn’t matter – It might only be a drawer or cupboard, or it could be the whole house and garden!

Just think how wonderful it will be to restore order to your life.